Should've Put Something On It

Not many Superbowl Halftime Shows get much publicity once the show is over. Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction was probably the last major snafu to cause an uproar.  This unfortunately isn't an indication that fashion faux pas are few and far between.  But for the most part, the unclad music celebrities keep their immodesty sequestered to shows where the paying guests know the risk they take when they buy the tickets. 

The Superbowl is a family affair.  For some it is a huge party attended by football or food lovers of all ages. For others it is a more intimate affair. The Superbowl has had over 100 million viewers each of the last 3 years.  It stands to reason that a fair percentage of those viewers were children. 

I have two daughters who chose to play outside on the tire swing during the halftime show. The 8 year old has a keen sense of fashion and has her mother's fetish for shoes. The 7 year old still wears sweaters with shorts and stripes with polka dots. We have regular discussions about modest clothing and the appropriateness of running through the house to the laundry room after a bath with the towel flapping in the wind behind them. It's not behavior I condone but at least they're not on national television.

I'll be the first to admit that Beyonce is a beautiful woman and has a great body. I don't believe that she needed to share so much of her body with the world.  I realize that this is a trend in the music industry.  I recall having similar issues with Madonna during the Summer Olympics.  I don't watch any of the entertainment award shows but I am aware that performers and attendees alike are wearing less and less clothes.  And while I understand that their clothing choices are personal, I do believe that they ought to at least put some thought into who might be watching these shows and the impact it can have on a young child. 


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