Week Ending 3/29/09

It was hard to get the kids geared up to go back to school after Spring Break but they survived. I was relieved to get back to normal schedules.

Monday I had a dentist appointment which turned into a root canal. That night Aaron, Derek, and Neil participated in a troop's OA election. Aaron recently stepped up to be the Vice Chief of Elections for our chapter. The Order of the Arrow is best described as the Honor Society of scouting.

Tuesday Cierra had Joy School and I took her and another little boy to school. The boy's mom picks them up when it is over. On my way back, I stopped by a second-hand book store looking for a copy of "The Great Divorce" by CS Lewis - April's book club book. They didn't have it but I found some other good books to spend money on. Neil had scouts that night and Aaron had Young Men Activity night followed by an interview with the bishop.

Wednesday we dropped the kids at school, the girls at a friend's for a play date and headed over to our lawyer's office for a follow up on the January court hearing. Found out we didn't actually need to be there as it was simply a telephonic conversation between the judge and the lawyers following up on the counseling that was supposed to be happening. While we had some free time, we ran some errands and finally found the book. Had to buy it full price from a bookstore but at least I have my own copy and I am enjoying the book. We had a pretty easy evening since scouts had been cancelled for the older boys until the end of April.

Thursday was Joy School again and after dropping off Cierra and Sam, Rachel and I went to the library. We participated in story time and ran into a few of the moms/kids from the ward. Afterwards, Rachel and I went home and I put in some movies and scrubbed my grout in the front room. That evening, Neil and I went and helped out at the Pinewood Derby for our pack (even though we no longer have boys in the pack - we still have all the decorations). We had a great night visiting with friends and closed down the building.

Friday I cleaned house again (kinda) and Neil and I went to a cross-over ceremony for the pack I have as a Unit Commissioner. I enjoy visiting this pack as they are well organized and don't need a lot of guidance from me. Aaron went out to a Troop 30 recruitment night called Digalus (google it - it's quite the show) so Derek and Daniel babysat. Saturday Neil had an NYLT staff development training and I woke up with a migraine. After trying to make it go away, I finally gave up and decided to take all the kids to the library. Derek had been asking to go so he could pick out his own movies. We ended up bringing home 30 books and probably as many movies. Luckily, I always bring a backpack and Derek was sweet enough to carry the full bag. Neil came home shortly after we got home and he and Derek went to see a movie then out to get Aaron from the scout activity. They finally got home some point after 10 pm.

Sunday we got up and got everybody showered and dressed for church. We were actually there early. It was fast and testimony meeting as next weekend is General Conference. The kids were all fairly well behaved. We received a lecture in Sunday School and sadly I couldn't even tell you much about what we were talking about other than the gathering of Israel. With it being the 5th Sunday, we combined for the 3rd hour and got a run-down of our ward's emergency communication plan. The highlight of the day was Aaron being ordained as a teacher at the end of the block. We had our home teachers over and then I went and did my visiting teaching.

I have two ladies on my route. One is in the RS presidency and the other is a semi-active divorced mom of 3 teen girls. I have always been a bit reticent about visiting this lady because I don't know her full story and don't want to offend. However, every time I have stopped by (usually unannounced) we end up chatting for quite a while. My visit with her yesterday lasted 2 1/2 hours. She had such good insight into the topics we discussed and we did touch on the spiritual as well as the temporal. Quite honestly, I feel that I came out of it more enriched than anything I provided for her.

Well on to a new week and new opportunities.


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