Week Ending 7/5/09

Summer has hit Phoenix. We were lucky that most of June was relatively nice especially being out in the sun for day camp. Now camp is over and we are trying to get the kids back on a regular schedule. Last week was a transition week as we tried to convince our bodies that we no longer had to stay up until midnight. We actually made it to church on time today so it must be working.

Speaking of church, we've had a change in bishopric. Our new bishop was the previous 2nd counselor and having worked with him through the various callings over which he was my mentor, I am still having troubles calling him "bishop" rather than by his first name. It also doesn't help that he looks like he's 15 years younger than me and my perception of him is more of a younger brother than the father of our ward.

I never thought I was resilient to change - in fact, I was always wanting to move a lot when I was younger and thought it rather unfair that my father had chosen a profession with the state rather than the military. And I don't think that I am necessarily against this change but I realize that I am having the same difficulty in transferring titles as I was after President Hinckley died. I still have to do a mental process to see President Monson's face when somebody mentions "the prophet."

Anyway, as far as the highlights of last week - we've mostly focused on packing up those things we aren't using and getting rid of those things we haven't touched for the past 6 months (or longer). The little kids got a little crazy and started packing up their rooms. Nick was hard-pressed to find clean underwear since he'd packed all of his clothes. We don't have much of an update on the house. Our realtor has been talking with the bank and the bank has accepted the package authorizing the short sale and the paperwork has actually been assigned to an underwriter. However, the foreclosure sale date has not yet been stayed and no word on whether or not the bank is going to accept the offer. We'll talk to them tomorrow and at the very least push for a stay on the foreclosure. But it still leaves us in quite a bit of limbo. We still have no income and we have no idea when we will have to move. Nor do we know where we will go when we do have to move.

What I do know is that the Lord has a plan for us so we continue to be proactive in the job searching and trusting the rest to Him.


C. Taggart said…
That should have been "resistant to change" not resilient. I should not be allowed to type right after my afternoon nap.

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