Week Ending 11/7/2010

This should have been posted yesterday, but it was a rough day. This weekend was the Four Peaks District Camporee and as usual, Neil was involved in helping out. He took the three older boys leaving me with the three little kids and Alyx. Alyx is old enough to fend for herself and had a busy weekend with community service.

Saturday morning I took the kids to a friend's baptism in our old stake. We arrived to find that a girl from our old ward was also getting baptized so we were able to catch up with a lot of friends. That afternoon we went to a school friend's birthday party. There was a bouncer, climbing wall, Star Wars performer, and lots of food. I finally convinced the kids that we needed to go when it started getting dark and bickering started up. Shortly after getting home, Aaron and Daniel showed up, having come home from the camporee with a friend. Aaron has been fighting a cough and sore throat for about a week and Daniel doesn't particularly like camping. Aaron was laying on my bed with Rachel and mentioned that she felt warm. She was burning up. I couldn't find the thermometer (it's around here somewhere I'm sure), but she complained of an upset stomach and I gave her some medicine. She was up and down all night but finally fell asleep. As I settled in for sleep myself, I heard Nick in the other room fussing. I went in to check on him and found him burning up with a fever. He refused to take medicine so after spending time cajoling, threatening, and pleading with him, I lost my temper and attempted to make him drink it against his will. He spit it all back out so he ended up in the tub and I took a timeout.

By the time Neil got back from the camporee, I was on edge, lacking sleep, and ready for a fight. It didn't take much as he decided to call the boys names for choosing to come back early. I left him home with Nick and Rachel while I went to church. We had barely finished the sacrament portion when Cierra started complaining about a stomach ache. I had Aaron check her for fever (I'm always cold so unless the fever is burning, I'm a poor judge). He indicated that she felt warm so I took her home and spent time talking with Neil about the overall issues and we both came to a better understanding of what had really happened. I made it back to church in time for Sunday School which was a discussion of Jeremiah, but I honestly don't think I learned anything. Relief Society was more productive as we discussed the Gift of the Holy Ghost and how it differs from feeling the influence of the Holy Ghost.

Neil came to church for Priesthood and met with me and the bishop afterwards to get set apart for our new callings. I'm Troop Committee Chair and he is the Assistant 11 year old scout leader. It was nice to be able to chat with the bishop. I've known him for a while, but not in a bishopric situation. I am grateful that he is my bishop. After that meeting, I ran Aaron around to collect fast offerings, back to the church to drop them off, and then home. Neil took Derek back to his mom's, came back and we had family scripture reading, then I headed out for a Stake Choir practice. By the time I got back, I was ready to drop.

The earlier part of the week was rather uneventful. Monday I helped out at the Middle School in the office answering phones. I do that every other week. Tuesday and Wednesday were just the typical housework and running kids to and from school. Thursday night was Roundtable and I don't remember much about Friday other than trying to get kids to and from school and then off to the Camporee.

I kept the little kids home from school today just as a precaution and am looking forward to getting the house back in order tomorrow. Have a great week.


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