Week Ending 11/28/2010

This week was short and seemed to go by too quickly. With Thanksgiving on Thursday, the kids only had three days of school and then lazed about the rest of the weekend. I actually enjoy these types of weekends. The only downside was that Neil had to work both Friday and Saturday so we couldn't laze together.

Monday was just school. I cancelled Cub Scouts as the charter school had a field trip that day. Tuesday was more school and Rachel and I went by a half-price book store and sold a bunch of movies and books that we didn't need or have room for anymore. Not really a great sale as the 8 boxes of stuff only brought in $30.00. But that was enough to pay for the pies and whipped cream needed for Thanksgiving dinner.

Wednesday the high school had a half day and Aaron went to a friend's house and spent the night. I got a call from friends of ours needing Neil and I to go pick up a car for them from an auction lot. So when Neil got home from work we headed out to Tolleson and after a bit of confusion over the paperwork, we got the car and brought it back to our house.

Thursday was Thanksgiving. Neil and Daniel got up early to play football with the guys from church. Neil then went to pick up Aaron from his friend's house and shortly after our friends showed up to get the car. Cierra decided that I needed to get a car like it - it's a Toyota Solara. I don't know if they are all convertibles, but this one was white with a tan top. It drove nicely and was very clean so maybe sometime in the future it will be something I consider.

We had lunch a little after noon then Neil went and got Alyx and Derek around 4. We hung out and played the Wii and other video games. Alyx and Derek were doing the Black Friday shopping with their mom and grandmother so Neil took them back there later that night.

Friday was a lazy day with more video game playing and munching on leftovers. I did go visit one of my ladies on my visiting teaching route. She was borrowing my punch bowl for her wedding on Saturday. We talked for a little bit before I headed back home to take care of kids.

Saturday was another at-home day with the family. We had signed up to have dinner with the missionaries, but they never showed so we ate without them. We found out later that they were assigned to work the temple lights in Mesa and the communication about dinner hadn't been given to them.

Today was church, choir practice, and tithing settlement. It made a late evening but all the kids are in bed and I'm ready for sleep myself. Have a great week, all.


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