Week Ending 11/14/2010

Another busy week with not much accomplished. I kept the younger kids home from school on Monday because of their illness over the weekend. They seemed to be recuperating so was prepared to take them to the Den Meeting. Instead, Nicholas pitched a fit over belts and shoes so I left them all home and ended up almost 20 minutes late. We had a quick, but productive meeting.

Tuesday I don't recall much of so nothing must have really happened noteworthy. Wednesday was the Battle of Gettysburg reenactment for the 7th grade at Desert Shadows Middle School. I was excited about being able to go. Instead, Cierra climbed in bed running a high fever. I gave her some medicine followed by some water. She gave it all back. Neil had taken the day off so we loaded up Daniel's cannon and Neil got Daniel and the cannon to school. I later took Nick in then came home to baby my daughters.

Thursday was Veterans Day and my Cub Scout Den went to a local museum featuring the history of the Hohokam Indian Tribe. We were treated to a ceremony celebrating both Indians and Veterans. That night was Pack Meeting which quite honestly I would have preferred not having to go to. I enjoy the meetings, but was tired from the day's activities.

Friday everyone went back to school and work and I attempted to empty more boxes and clean house. My visiting teachers were scheduled to come about 11:30 so I took care of sweeping and mopping the front room and kitchen, get some dishes and laundry done, and assess the overall box situation. My VTs finally called at 12:45 apologizing for being late and wanting to know if they could still come. Since my kid run wasn't starting until 2, I agreed. They came and we visited for about 1/2 hour. I'd run out of steam so gave up on the boxes and amused myself with stupid online games until it was time to get the kids.

Saturday morning the Primary had an activity down at the Mesa temple. We toured the grounds and the visitor's center. Cierra clung to a new friend while Nick and Cierra clung to me. We enjoyed a picnic lunch on the temple grounds then headed home. We swung by Big Lots to pick up a couple of birthday presents for friends from the old elementary school. The birthday party was from 2-4 and the family lives just down the street from us. I dropped the kids off, explained to the mom that I had some things to take care of, but I'd be back at 4. Five minutes after arriving back home, I got a call from the mom. Cierra had been bonked while in the bouncer and her tooth was bleeding. Luckily, the tooth had been loose for some time so it wasn't a true tragedy, but try to convince Cierra of that. I headed back to the house, held her on my lap, learned that it was her own brother who had bonked the tooth, and convinced her to let me check out the tooth to make sure the blood wasn't continuing. She agreed only after making me promise that I wouldn't pull the tooth out. I took a paper towel, touched the tooth, and it fell out into the towel. I swear I did not pull it, but this technicality made no difference to Cierra and I was now pond scum. I finally took her home, got her calmed down, and when I went to check to see if she was ready to go back for cake, found her asleep on the couch. I returned to get the other two kids and came home with not just the kids, but an entire cupcake cake, soda, cookies, and candy as well. I was beginning to think they were going to load me up with whatever they could find that wasn't nailed down.

We had stake conference this weekend and I love the adult session that takes place on Saturday night. This was no different. The speakers were wonderful and the messages heartfelt. I felt the Lord speaking directly to me through the words of His servants. Of all the things said, I think the most influential reminder was from President Lewis. He said that if we will allow no obstacle to keep us from keeping the commandments and covenants made, the Lord would pour out his blessings. The spirit was so incredibly strong and I had to use Neil's handkerchief to keep the makeup from streaking my face.

Today we had the general session which ended up being a satelite broadcast from Salt Lake to what appeared to be all the stakes in Arizona. It was harder to listen to because of trying to keep the children reverent, but there were again good messages from all the speakers.

After coming home, I made dinner, had a scout committee meeting, and am now needing to get ready for Stake Choir Practice. Hopefully Neil will take care of family scriptures and getting kids to bed while I'm gone so I can come home and fall fast asleep. Til next week.


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