Rachel's First Haircut

This is a milestone event in any child's life. My mother kept clippings from my first haircut and saved them in my baby book. I'm not quite so sentimental with my own children, perhaps because I'm just not that organized. Cierra's first cut was a trim at the beginning of this school year and I figured that Rachel would have the same type of wait. It's not that I'm against cutting their hair, more that we couldn't stop referring to Cierra as bald until she was almost 3 years old. Both girls have fine, wispy hair. I have long been jealous of those mothers whose little girls come to church with braided, curled, and coifed hairdos. I'm lucky if I get my girls to sit long enough to run a brush through theirs before they tumble into the car undoing any efforts I might have made.

Last night Rachel came into my room asking "Who cut my hair?" Not really the questions a mother ever wants to hear. Since Rachel was doing the asking, I was quick to presume that she had been the victim of a sibling's prank or vengeance. Both Nick and Cierra were interrogated with quick denials from each that they were involved in any way. They were rather convincing so I ruled them out as guilty suspects and went back to questioning Rachel. She so sincerely denied any knowledge of how a huge chunk of hair could possibly be missing that I began to wonder if she had some debilitating disease now manifesting itself by causing her hair to just fall out. This was supported as I ran my hand through her hair and came out with more long strands. The brush resulted in more hair.

Luckily, Rachel finally realized that she would not be punished for fessing up and admitted that she had cut her hair because she didn't like how it was always tangled. Of course after the first couple of snips, she changed her mind and wanted her long hair back. I believe she may have tried taping it back in which explains why so much of her hair was still on her head, if not attached.

I'm not saving her clippings for any baby book - that would require a baby book to exist. However, this will be documented in pictures and hopefully serve as a warning against any future hairstyling snafus.


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