Hot Chocolate

I woke up with a sore throat so after getting all the kids to seminary and school, I came home and decided to make myself some hot chocolate. I always end up making the water too hot so I have it sitting on the end table cooling down as I stay busy with general housework. Rachel comes out and sees my cup sitting on the table.

Rachel: Can I have some of your hot chocolate?
Me: Sure.
Rachel: Did you put milk in it?
Me: Yes.
Rachel (after picking up the cup): I think it would be better with a straw. What kinds of straws do we have? (Note: I often pick up extra straws from various fast food restaurants and occassionally buy packs of straws from the store. Additionally, some cups we have purchased came with straws and those crazy straws always seem to come home from birthday parties.)
Me: I'm not sure we have any straws left.
Rachel: Of course we do!


Susie J. said…
I can easily picture myself having this conversation with my 6 yr old.

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