Getting Old is Not for the Weak or Weary

They say youth is wasted on the young. All that energy and excitement for life with no actual purpose. As we get older, we find purpose (hopefully) but seem to lose the energy needed to achieve everything that seems to be so important. Then the body starts to undermine our mind's desire for success. It starts with more noticeable aches and pains after limited exercise. The easy trek around the park leaves us gasping for breath while our little ones run circles around us. The eyesight also seems to be a favorite area which old age attacks. These glasses are just for reading ... road signs and billboards.

The evening news big story was about President Obama needing twelve stitches. Apparently he also was victimized by aging. A friendly family pick up game of basketball turned painful; I can't help but wonder if his trip to the emergency room today was just embarrassing as he realized that even fame and money can't protect you from getting older.

Last weekend Neil decided that the family should go on a hike. It wasn't a hard trail and other than a couple of slips by Rachel, the overall experience was pleasant and painless. Until later. Two days later exactly. I have learned from past experiences that this is the average time it takes for my body to remind me why I don't exercise on a regular basis but should. Tonight I was reminded even sooner. In another attempt at family togetherness, we pulled out the Wii. One of the games includes beach volleyball. We put it on Easy. It came with directions. It was a disaster. The remotes did not respond the way I desired. I couldn't get the ball over the net so I couldn't score any points. On the very rare occassions that the ball did make it over the net, I could not tell you what I did any differently from the 42 other attempts. What I can tell you is that my body has aches where I never suspected I had nerve endings.

I am amazed by my mother and grandmother. These women have always worked hard and just keep going even when their bodies have tried to convince them otherwise. My mother had a hip replacement about 10 years ago now. It didn't slow her down. I think she came out of it with more excitement and determination to live life. My grandmother has cancer. She's been dealing with it for at least the past 10 years. It goes into remission and then rears its ugly head again. She has lost weight, but not her zest for life. Relatively speaking, I'm still pretty young. Grandmother is almost 95 and mom turned 75 last summer. I'm sure life has plenty in store for me and I'm excited to see what I can accompish in my next 40-50 years. C'mon body, don't fail me now.


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