30 Days of Truth Challenge - Day 1

Something I Hate About Myself

We all have areas for improvement. If given the opportunity to change a physical feature, most would opt to do a little bit of work on themself. If asked about our greatest character flaw, we could all come up with a top ten list. But to name something I hate about myself is not something I can do.

I do not hate myself. I have disappointed myself and others. I have done things which I have later regretted. I certainly do not think I am perfect. But there is just no way I can use the word hate to refer to myself in any way.

I have a very deep-seeded belief in a Heavenly Father who is the true, living father of my spirit. He created me. He knows me. He loves me. How could I ever hurt him by feeling hatred towards someone He loves so much? He has given me so much. My life is so incredibly blessed. Can I return such generosity with ingratitude?

Life is hard. We are human. We make mistakes and we feel resentful when others' decisions negatively affect our lives. We should constantly be striving to improve. To be generous, honest, and kind. To love our fellow beings and lift them up in their sorrows and burdens. To allow others to serve us in our times of need. To accept such offers gratefully and sincerely. To forgive those who hurt us and let go of the pain they have caused.

In order to be loving towards others, to be forgiving of others, we must first love ourselves. There is no place for hatred here.


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