Week Ending 2/7/10

It has been a busy week with some triumphant moments. The biggest happened on Wednesday. Rachel turned 4 years old and, true to her promise, started wearing underwear. She had a couple of accidents, but has picked up on the urges pretty well and has been doing very well. I gave her the option of underwear or pull ups for church and she chose underwear. Yay Rachel!

Last night was our district Volunteer Recognition Dinner for scouts. I MCd again with the help of a 100 year scouter. Our Council CEO was present and commented to our district commissioner that this was the most entertaining dinner he had ever attended. I brought home a couple of plaques myself - one for the Tiger Den Leader of the Year and one for Scouting Spirit. I don't think anybody becomes a scout leader in hopes of getting a plaque or any other recognition, but it is nice to have your hard work acknowledged.

Other highlights of the week was Wednesday night's Pack Meeting, Thursday night's Roundtable Meeting, and meeting a deadline at work on Friday. We also received word that the bank had finally accepted the short sale offer only to find out that the buyer had walked. What this means is that we are now in negotiations with the other bank on the 2nd loan and busy trying to find a buyer who will come in and accept the offer as is. In the meantime, we are basically going to look for a rental house to move into at the beginning of March. The idea is that whether we find a buyer or end up in foreclosure, we will have a satisfactory roof over our heads. Prayers would be much appreciated.

On to another busy week.


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