So it's been awhile...

It surprised me that I hadn't posted in over a month. January has been a very busy month for us and yet, nothing major has actually happened. Neil has been working 6 day weeks and I've been trying to just keep everybody's schedules going on track. I've pulled back from a lot of my scouting involvement and focusing on my Tiger Den. We now have 7 boys in our Den and have a lot of interest from the kindergarten class. Looks like we'll be busy next year as well.

Neil and I will be on staff at a Wood Badge Course in March so we've had some staff development meetings. The kids all seem to be doing well in school other than Aaron. He receives poor marks during the interim weeks, but then buckles down and ends up passing his classes. He claims it's because not all the grades are actually in when the reports are sent out so don't reflect reality. I'll be talking to his teachers this week.

Rachel will be turning 4 on Wednesday. She knows this is when she starts wearing underwear. We've had her in pull ups for the last month in anticipation of this happening and getting her used to going to the bathroom on the toilet. I'm just hoping that 4 really is a magical number to her and this potty-training switch actually happens.

We got news from our realtor that the foreclosure sale date was pushed back to March. This generally indicates that the bank is going to accept the offer, but apparently the negotiator has been a bit of a jerk so we don't have anything official from the bank. We have our realtor looking for rental properties for us so we can make a hopefully easy transition from this house to the next.

I'm loving my job and we are looking at the possibility of me going full time. That will depend greatly on salary and where we actually move to. Mostly we're making plans and checking with the Lord to see if we're anywhere close to His plan.

On to another week (or month).


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