Week Ending 12/27/09

Well we're coming to the end of the holidays and the end of the year. My goal is to send out a year in review at some point, but we just finally got family pictures done yesterday so the letter will wait until those come back.

The week has been busy. I worked Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, did visiting teaching and last minute shopping and errands on Thursday, thoroughly enjoyed Christmas day on Friday and relaxed on Saturday. Neil worked Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and a few hours Saturday morning. He had Wednesday off to celebrate his birthday. He took the kids to the zoo, did some Christmas shopping, then spent the evening with Alyx and Derek.

We were all spoiled with presents and family and are now dreading the going back to work this week. I at least enjoy my job, Neil tolerates his. We've decided his manager is a complete idiot and unfortunately it only gets worse as you go higher up in the company. This is probably one of the reasons why Neil has decided not to pursue management with this company.

Church today was entertaining for me. I got to play in nursery without actually getting out the toys. Instead, we had a lesson, ate snacks, sang songs, and kept the kids active with a variety of games such as London Bridges, Ring Around the Rosy, and Motorboat. Maybe I'm just slow, or maybe it's learned behavior that we fail to question, but as we did Motorboat, I realized that the words and the actions conflict at the end. For anyone unfamiliar with the action poem, here are the words and the dilemna:

Motorboat, motorboat go so slow (participants walk slowly in a circle holding hands)
Motorboat, motorboat go so fast (participants run in the circle, still holding hands)
Motorboat, motorboat step on the gas (participants suddenly brake and fall to the floor)

Did you notice that - you've just stepped on the gas, yet the actions have you coming to a stop rather abruptly as if you had actually stepped on the brake. Granted, fast and gas rhyme, whereas fast and brake do not. Coming to the conclusion that the words and actions did not match, I attempted to change the actions to fit the words and pick up speed. This is not recommended, especially when playing with small children because picking up speed actually causes them to fly through the air and I swear this is not what caused one little boy to end up with a goose egg on his forehead, but that is a foreseeable end.

Next week I'm helping out with the Valiant 11/12s and I'm pretty sure there will be no call for Motorboat in that class.


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