Week Ending October 4, 2009

This past week was absolutely crazy busy. As popcorn kernel for the district, this is my busy month. Also, the work I do is sporatic, so of course, this was the week where we had a big load come in that needed to be processed. Thursday was probably the busiest day for me. I had to get the roundtable newsletter sent off, pick up the Show & Deliver popcorn, do the normal kid runs, code, verbatim, and QC a number of surveys for work, and attend Roundtable.

The other days weren't quite as busy, but I did receive a call from a temp agency who had found my resume online and had a position they were trying to fill at SRP - a place I have previously worked. So along with normal mommy duties, I had to fit in an interview, and time to take the various tests to show how well I know Microsoft Office. Which I found out was not so easy because I don't like having to pay for change so I have been working off of Office 2003 while the professional world has moved to 2007. When I had the computer revamped, I did get 2007 put on, but I am still getting used to the layout of the toolbar. All in all, I didn't do too badly and scored in the high 80s for each of the tests. The only one that I did much better in was the typing test - for which I typed 78 words per minute with zero mistakes. I was rather impressed with myself and even had to brag to Neil.

The one highlight of the week was the General Conference sessions. Since we don't have television service, we went to the chapel on Sunday to listen to the two sessions. We also spent the between-session time at the Rivera's with our ward enjoying crepes, pastries, and other brunch items. This was fun because it allowed the kids to see their friends and I got the opportunity to visit with people I don't normally get to see because of church callings.

Although the addresses are all really good, I was particularly struck by Elder Holland's strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. I hope that the older kids who are in seminary took note of his testimony as they are studying this book this year.

We did get to see Alyx on Wednesday. She indicated that she is going to seminary, YW, and church and is wanting to go. That is such a difference from those who go because parents force them, or don't go because parents don't want the fight. She also had homecoming this weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing pictures. The guy she went with is a "kinda" boyfriend as best I can tell. He is in her ward and they are both juniors at Shadow Mountain High. They read scriptures together over the phone and I am pleased that she has chosen to look to young men in the church for her dating choices rather than the crowd she has previously been with.

This week is already off to another busy start and there is much to do. So until next week, have a good one!


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