Week Ending 10/18/09

This past week was Fall Break for the younger kids. Aaron got Monday off for Columbus Day but had school the rest of the week. I started working in the office so I got a full day on Monday, then worked part time on Tuesday and Thursday. I took Wednesday off to stay home and monitor Nick after his incident with the steak knife on Tuesday afternoon, but brought home some work so still stayed busy with that. Wednesday was also Cierra's birthday but with Neil working the late shift, we kind of put off celebrating until sometime in the future. She really wants to have a birthday party with friends, and I really want that to happen. But October is half over and so busy with other things. Her primary teacher took her out and bought her a book and an ice cream cake which the family helped her eat this afternoon.

I skipped book club Wednesday night because of wanting to spend more time with the kids and knowing I had another meeting Thursday night that I needed to go to. I did read the book and will post a review on it after I finish this post. Neil had Friday off from work so we took care of those errands that need attending to that you never seem to have time to do. Saturday he had to work in the morning then we attended the temple wedding of a boy from our last ward. We've had the opportunity to be at a number of that family's functions and enjoy the opportunity to visit with old friends. We ran into a couple who we had known in the Granite Reef Ward and he is now the bishop in another ward in our stake. She is pregnant with their 7th child - another girl due in February. How exciting. I love the idea of being pregnant, but recognizing that it ends with a child, I'm going to pass. I guess if the Lord felt we needed and could handle another child, I'd have no qualms, but I'm quite certain our family is complete and I am enjoying the years of raising the ones we have and knowing that having grandchildren isn't really that far off.

I am back in school so I worked on my assignments yesterday as well and also had some work stuff to complete. We also went grocery shopping and Aaron went to the youth dance. So it was a late night for us all and I really didn't want to get up this morning. We finally got everyone moving and though we were a bit late for church, the boys still were in time to help with the sacrament ordinance. I took a short nap this afternoon then decided to finish up some work. I need to go find the birth certificates so I can finish the enrollment process for Rachel to be in preschool.

I'd best get going. 5:30 comes early in the morning and I still have some stuff to take care of.


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