Happy Birthday Cierra

My girl turned 5 yesterday. I was going to post, but the trauma of Nick left me otherwise occupied yesterday. Cierra's original due date was October 13th. Since none of my previous children had bothered waiting to come that late, I assumed Cierra would be the same. I never thought that her being a girl would change the whole delivery schedule. When I met with my doctor that Monday, he informed me that I was 1 cm dilated and felt we could induce any time. I thought "why bother, she'll come anytime now." But to appease the doctor, we set up an induction for the 14th with my assumption that she would show up before then. She didn't so we met the doctor at 7 am at the hospital and I got all hooked up to whatever monitors they had going and they started me on the pitocin. The doctor left and I more or less got bored with the occassional contractions. The doctor came back at 11 and decided to break my water to get things moving. He left and Cierra decided it was time to make her entrance. The nurse had to page the doctor to get back to the room and by the time he showed up, Cierra was halfway out. The poor doctor didn't even have time to throw on a gown and I'm pretty sure his watch is ruined.

She was my biggest child at 8 pounds 13 ounces. She was also "my girl." While Neil and I were dating, I had told him that I knew I still had a girl that needed to come to my family. My desire to have more children was something he shared and we had both found difficult to find in potential mates. Nicholas wasn't a disappointment coming first; in fact, I had pretty much told Heavenly Father that if I was to have more than one more child, then he would have to send me all the boys first. So I got Nick and then I got my girl. Cierra's name comes with a few explanations. Neil had always wanted a girl named Sierra - he had seen it on a truck and thought it would make a cool girl's name. We changed it to a C because we already had Aaron and Alyx, Derek and Daniel, Neil and Nick, so this would give us Caran and Cierra. Neil also liked the original style jeeps with the title CJ (civilian jeep) and thought it would be cool to have a daughter with the initials CJ so he could do a personalized license plate of "CJ 4 CJ." And though I am referred to as CJ by a childhood friend, it wasn't a nickname that had ever stuck with anyone else. So we gave Cierra the middle name of Julene so that she can be CJ and also I like sharing my middle name with my daughter. CJ hasn't really stuck with her either though. CJ is a tomboy's name and Cierra is all princess. Her favorite color is pink. She loves all the Disney princesses, though Ariel is her favorite. She loves my fingernail polish, makeup, and bubble bath.

So my dear, Cierra, sorry this is a day late, but Happy Birthday Princess!!!


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