Week Ending September 27, 2009

This week seemed busier than most. Probably because the computer went down and I had work I needed to do. I knew the computer had a virus and was in need of help beyond what I could give it. But with popcorn season beginning and various other work and scouting needs, I kept pushing off the inevitable. However, by Wednesday, the computer had pretty much quit being nice and I simply unplugged it and took it in for help. Luckily I had received a laptop for Christmas which I have pretty much avoided using for the past several months. And luckily, plugging it into the internet was an easy process and once I figured out that I could also plug in my mouse, rather than use the mousepad of the laptop, the switch wasn't too bad. I still prefer my desktop with the larger monitor. That may be because having hit 40, my body is showing signs of aging and the eyesight is probably needing assistance.

I had a number of meetings this past week - mostly scouting and mostly a waste of time. But I did have my first Tiger Den meeting which went fairly well. There are 5 boys with the possibility of a 6th joining. I do think we need a different room or at least get the one we're using to be less cluttered.

Thursday was a Mother's In Zion group meeting where we were given a number of wonderful ideas for getting children involved in family history. It made me realize how important the detailing of my life's events are at this point while they are fresh and I can still remember them. Most of the time, my week's are pretty mundane, but there are the few episodes that bear writing down and repeating. One day I can use them to amuse my grandchildren.

Friday night I attended the pack meeting of another unit for which I am the Unit Commissioner. They had a member of their pack who is involved in the Demolition Derbies who had brought his car and a video of a recent derby. Neil and I had to laugh because we recognized two other cars in the video as belonging to a couple of employees at our mechanic's shop.

Saturday I attended the General Women's Conference which I previously wrote about though not in detail. What I really loved from the meeting was President Eyring's address. He talked about the legacy that Relief Society women have left and the legacy we are continuing to build. I appreciate his humor and his humility. I suppose there were those who were disappointed that President Monson was not speaking, though he was in attendance, but I truly enjoyed listening to President Eyring.

We arrived to church a bit late on Sunday. I had been fighting a headache since Friday evening and believe that there may be some sinus issues involved as it keeps showing up even though I keep downing Advil. We got there just as the testimony portion of Sacrament Meeting began and we listened from the foyer to a number of sweet testimonies. I was supposed to help Neil with his class as he had both his class and the class just younger, but I ended up visiting with a sister in the hallway and made it back to Primary just prior to sharing and singing time.

We got home in time to get changed and have a realtor show up to show the house. Normally we keep away from Sunday afternoons, but since it was happening immediately after church, we allowed it. We had received word on Friday that another offer had been sent in, about $10,000 less than the previous offer so we will see what the bank says about this. I'm just tired of the waiting and not knowing. I had another lady come with her family today and because we haven't actually signed the other offer yet, I did let her know that if they offered the amount already approved by the bank, we would take that offer over the other one. She's coming back this afternoon with a contractor. It seems like a good sign. Now we'll just have to find a place to rent.

Sunday evening we had our Home Teacher come visit and then Neil and I headed over to the Eagle Court of Honor for a young man who we had known in the Granite Reef ward. I had been one of his Cub Scout Leaders and it was nice to see him complete this rank. He just turned 14 and has had incredible leaders and a grandmother who supported him and pushed him in attaining the award. Once again, we were welcomed back to the ward and asked when we were moving back. Most everybody knows the situation with the house and so we often get notices on which areas have homes available. Of course finding a home big enough and in our price range is going to be difficult, but possible with the Lord's help. I continue to trust in Him because I know things aren't going to happen if I try to do it all myself.

Well, I have other things to get to. Another week awaits.


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