Week Ending 9/20/09

This week was nothing exciting. I turned 40 and guilted all my facebook friends into saying nice things to me and sending me cute little cards and gifts. Other than that, it was pretty much normal everyday life.

Aaron, Derek, and Neil went on a scouting event called On-Target where Varsity scouts around Arizona set up mirrors and flashed each other. Our stake followed up the event with a service project. They then had their Court of Honor on Sunday at which all three boys earned various merit badges and rank advancements. Aaron is officially a Life Scout and Daniel is a Tenderfoot. Derek is still a Star but close to getting Life - I think it's just a matter of putting in the time for him.

Daniel had a birthday party to attend on Saturday and the whole family was invited. It was pretty cool. My mother-in-law showed up Saturday morning and gave me a birthday present. I appreciate the present, but I sure wish she would call when she was in town instead of just showing up.

Sunday was Ward Conference and Daniel gave a talk in Primary and Aaron had to prepare something for Priesthood. Since I wasn't in either place, I don't know how it went. I imagine a member of the bishopric would be calling me if they were setting forth false doctrine.

I'm in a definite funk and the marriage is unraveling. Neil and I talked a lot last night and he has agreed that we need counseling. I am hopeful but cautious. I'm tired of having the same fight over and over but so is he. I didn't realize that. I don't think he goes out of his way to do things that bother me, but it's the lack of thought that bothers me as well. I think we were able to identify some of the problems, but neither of us knows how to change things. It's not that we're unwilling, we just don't have the necessary tools. Hopefully counseling will change that.

On to another week.


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