Week Ending August 29, 2009

It has been a busy week though nothing out of the ordinary. For the kids, it was school and scouts as usual. For me and Rachel, we visited the library, McDonald's and went grocery shopping. For Neil, it was pretty much just work. Tuesday night he did take his 11 year old scouts to the Arizona Science Center which has the Lego Display going on right now. It is one of the perks of being an employee at Chase.

Yesterday we cleaned up the yard a bit as we had a couple of trees attacking visitors to the house. Cierra had a birthday party to attend and Neil and I had a scout dinner, for which I was the MC. I think it went rather well but I always have the jitters and don't ever get to actually enjoy the food. I do this for our district dinner every year.

Today we went to church. It was a small group as our ward had a service responsibility putting on a Sacrament Meeting for the Randolf House. I'm not sure of the details as Aaron wasn't forthcoming and Neil and I are usually in Primary where communication tends to get overlooked. So Aaron didn't go, even though he should have, because he was supposed to meet at the church at 5:00 am. Honestly, that is not a time that usually exists in my day. I was torn between letting him stay home and making him go to church. If I let him stay home, the church members attending would not know that he hadn't gone to the service project but letting him stay home seemed like he was being rewarded for not going to the project like he should have. So I made him go where he had to go to the adult classes since all the rest of the youth were at the project or had stayed home.

After getting home from church, we had the kids change clothes and took them to the Museum of Natural History. I had been able to get free passes from the library but because of the limited hours of the museum, today was the only day that worked into our schedule before the passes expired. Some may claim it wasn't very sabbath-ish, but we were together as a family, it was somewhat educational, and we made the kids dress nicely (collared shirts and nice pants) in order to help remind them that today was still Sunday. The kids seemed to enjoy it and Neil would like to go back without the kids so he could spend the time reading all the posters and placards throughout the exhibits. Having kids who can't read but are mobile does cause you to go through the exhibits a little more quickly than you might want.

Well, they have all bathed so we need to go read scriptures and get everyone to bed.


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