Week Ending 8/9/09

It was the last week before school started so we tried to get everyone on a schedule. Aaron had a couple of camps to attend for high school on Monday - Thursday. He seems to be comfortable with the campus and looking forward to starting school. He's not quite as excited about starting seminary but like his mother, he's not a morning person. He spent his after-camp time with friends either here or at their homes. It's nice to know he has friends.

We pulled out school clothes for Cierra that I had bought back when Mervyn's was going out of business. She tried them on and they fit so she's got a week's worth of clothes. As often as we do laundry here, keeping a clean outfit shouldn't be a problem. The problem will probably exist as she gets picky about whether she is willing to wear the skirt or wants to wear shorts. Luckily, Nick's and Daniel's clothes still fit from last year so we should be good until one of them hits a growth spurt. And since they both have shorts, and we have short-wearing weather until at least November, we might be able to put off buying school uniforms until Christmas (because that's *exactly* what they want for Christmas).

Wednesday Nick was invited to a birthday party for a friend. It was held at an aquatics center in Scottsdale. I had been told that I could bring the other children and just pay the entrance fee for the additional people. I was going to just bring Daniel since the birthday boy has an older sibling close to Daniel's age, but after some fits of anguish from the little girls, I dragged them along as well. It turned out to be a good deal as the front desk people did not charge anything additional for the rest of the family to come in and I verified with the party-thrower that she was not going to get charged anything for us. Since she had paid in advance, she assured us that we were fine.

We had Roundtable Thursday night, Derek had his OA meeting and Aaron went to his Varsity Huddle. Daniel watched the little kids while we were gone. He is a great sitter as long as he doesn't get into a bad mood. Luckily, no bad mood on Thursday and the kids were ready for bed when we got home.

I picked up some more work with ServiceTrak so went in for training on Thursday and finished up the work Saturday evening. In addition to doing the coding and verbatim, I am also doing the QC. I was wondering how I was doing on my own entering and after seeing what others are doing, I feel so much better about my own performance. I have a few typos, but I guess having majored in English has more benefits than I realized. I always joke that the only thing I'm qualified to do is correct your grammar. Well, that's exactly what QCing is about in this job, so it's working out.

Derek had a friend come over Saturday while Aaron and Daniel both went over to friends' homes. Neil took Derek back to his mom's house so Derek could attend a friend's farewell on Sunday. He picked up Aaron on his way home, Daniel had come home already and was wanting to go see a movie. I suggested that Neil take the two boys to see a movie but Aaron chose not to go. Since I was now done with my work assignments, we left Aaron to watch the little kids while Neil, Daniel, and I went to see G-Force. We got back late - around 11, sent Daniel to bed, and popped in a movie to go to sleep to. Wrong movie. Neil and I watched the Out of Towners and then threw in The Man From Snowy River. I think we finally fell asleep somewhere in the 2:00 hour.

Of course, today was Sunday and Aaron had to speak in Sacrament Meeting. The alarm went off at 7 and I kept hitting snooze until about 7:30. Then I turned off the alarm with every intention of getting up. I got up at 8:15 and quickly scrambled to get everybody else up and ready for church. Neil commented that one of us could always take Aaron over and the other could bring the rest as soon as we were ready. Instead, everyone was ready by 8:45, in the truck by 8:50, and at church at 8:55. Proving that you can get a family of 7 up and ready for church when properly motivated. This is not a request to my bishopric counselors to extend more opportunities for our family members to speak in church.

Well, we need to go read scriptures and get kids ready for bed.


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