Week Ending 8/2/09

Well we're into August and the countdown to school has begun. It is exciting to know that all the kids except Rachel will be in school. I'll have two years with just her at home so this year will be for fun, and next year I'll look at doing Joy School with her if I can find some others to join in.

This week was a vacation week for us. Moreso than most. We had Alyx and Derek with us until Thursday evening. Neil had committed to a job for a guy we know through scouts so he had the two older boys help him with that in the mornings before it got too hot, then spent the afternoon playing. He had also received a phone call on Sunday evening asking for help Monday morning with a move-in. He took all four boys with him to that and they got done rather quickly.

Wednesday we went to a Diamondbacks Baseball game against the Phillies. D-backs won which was a nice surprise. We had earned tickets through the library reading program so the seats weren't great, but it was all about the family time. Of course, the majority of my family time was running back and forth to the food stands, but that's okay. It meant Neil got to sit and watch the game (sort of). I sometimes wonder if he really wants children. He often talks about how much more he would enjoy an event if the kids weren't there.

Thursday we got up early and took the kids to the zoo. I've come to realize that the zoo just isn't that much fun anymore. The animals are basically the same each time we go and the kids would rather ride the carousel and play at the water areas than walk around looking at smelly animals. They do have a new water area with slides and waterfalls so if you do decide to go, wear a swimsuit or bring a change of clothes.

Neil took Alyx and Derek back to their mom's house later that night. I took Aaron over to a friend's house so he could go camping with them for the weekend. When Neil got back, we got all the kids in bed and took advantage of having our own pool with some night swimming.

Friday Neil went over and finished up the porch project and I got some work done here. I'm doing data entry work for a company owned by a couple in our ward. I'm really enjoying it and was honored to be called Friday evening and asked to help out with some QC. I haven't had any training on it, but it seems to be pretty standard. Basically I'm just checking over the work entered to look for spelling, grammar, and coding errors.

Saturday we had somebody come look at the house so we took the kids out for breakfast at Village Inn and then ran errands. We got back to the house around 3:00 and I took a nap. When I got up I took care of the QC stuff and then headed back to bed.

Today we woke up late but made it to church almost on time. It was Fast and Testimony meeting and I enjoyed listening to the many testimonies born. I was particularly happy to hear about the sealing of Jackson to his parents. They are leaving on Wednesday for Grenada where Dustin will be doing Medical school. They had been a little stressed because they have been trying to get all the paperwork in place prior to them having to leave. Once again, the Lord does things with his own timing and at the time that will most benefit us. Lyndzee made the comment that she knew she could never have reason to doubt that Heavenly Father lives and is watching over us. To do so would indicate that she had forgotten the blessings He had sent previously. This was a big blessing and it was truly awesome to see the effect it has had on their lives.

After Sacrament Meeting, I picked up my Visiting Teaching paperwork. Lyndzee had been my partner so I was expecting a change. I have been assigned her mother, which by coincidence is the wife of the couple for whom I work. So while I will miss Lyndzee, I will get regular updates and I still have an awesome partner in her mother.

I went down to the Primary room to see if I was needed to cover the music. Phone calls had been made but nothing was ever finalized. Music was covered but as I headed back towards the adult Sunday School class, I noticed that Aaron's class was without a teacher. So I went back to the Primary room to check with their teacher's wife as to whether or not he was at church. He wasn't so we found a manual and I subbed for that class. We had a pretty good discussion about President David O. McKay and the importance of family relationships and the examples of parents.

In Relief Society we were taught about provident living. At the end of the meeting I bore my testimony. I appreciate the opportunity to do this on Fast Sundays in Relief Socity because I often don't get up in Sacrament Meeting usually because I'm being distracted by children.

Well, I have promised the kids that I will finish this up and go swimming with them. It's after 8:30 and I want to have them in bed by 9 so I'd better get going.


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