Week Ending 8/16/09

What a busy week. We had the three younger children start school on Wednesday so Monday was our meet-the-teacher night. We did some recruiting for cub scouts as well. Nick is so excited to finally be a cub scout. He's worn a uniform for so long without being official. I'm going to be his Tiger leader. Most people think I'm crazy given all I already do in scouts, but I admit, I covet the knots. Being the leader will give me another knot to have Neil sew onto my shirt. I can never get them centered correctly.

Derek was sick with strep all week so we didn't get to see him until Sunday night at the Seminary fireside. Aaron will be at the Waltann building with Bishop Tate as his teacher. Derek and Alyx will be at the PV Stake Center. Derek will have Sister Dahl, previously of the Stake YW Presidency, and Alyx gets President Case - recently released as the 2nd counselor in the PV Stake Presidency. As the teachers were introduced at the fireside, I realized that I had had some type of knowledge of all but one of the teachers, so that tells me they are pulling the best of the best to lead our youth in Seminary. Most were prior bishops, presidents, and leaders at the stake level.

We were invited to join some friends on a camping trip this weekend so Neil and I reviewed our finances and made the decision to purchase a tent trailer. It was hard to make such a major purchase given the uncertainty of our home, but we realize that any vacations we take will have to be done driving so the tent trailer allows us to travel without feeling like such an invasion on family and friends. We also figured that in a worst-case scenario, we could always live in the tent trailer if we had no other option.

The camping trip was great. We went to Kaibab Lake up near Williams/Flagstaff. The weather was rather windy so though fishing was attempted, there was not much success. Our friends were able to catch a rainbow trout and a large-mouth bass and Neil was shown how to clean a fish. The kids were very excited about this and even ate some of the fish after it had been cooked.

The remainder of the week was filled with school, scout meetings, and general running around. This week has started out busy which is why I am late posting last week's review.


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