Those Little Idiosyncracies

I've been mulling this over for a while. I think I'm OCD. I know everybody has little things that make them unique but don't actually interfere with their daily lives. I've mentioned my candy-eating strategy to others in which any type of candy such as M&Ms or Skittles that can be categorized by color must be eaten by color. And each side of the mouth must get equal chewing time. Yeah, it's weird, but it doesn't interfere with the important stuff.

I've discovered a new game. It's rather annoying actually. You all know the car game where you have to find the letters of the alphabet, right? There are variations on the rules such as whether the letter has to be starting the word or how many letters you can use from a particular sign. Rules really only matter if you are playing against other people. I don't play well with others so the rules don't really matter when I play. And I don't normally play but found myself doing this when I was working at the Cub Scout Day Camp in June. I had to do something to keep myself awake on the drive home. But the problem with driving the same route everyday is that you get to know where all the letters are. So to keep myself more alert, I changed from looking for letters to looking for numbers. You start at 1 and go as high as you can. Numbers can be from signs, license plates, car advertisements, street addresses, etc. You have to find the numbers in order and they must be truly together (no getting "12" from "6201" just because it has the 1 and the 2).

It was entertaining for the month of June but now it's getting obsessive. I have many opportunities to find numbers driving around as I cart kids to and from seminary, to and from school, to and from scouts, to and from friend's houses. And because some drives are short, the game culminates throughout the whole day. Now admittedly, I have learned a few things from playing this game.

1) There are a lot of people out there with personalized license plates. I wouldn't say half or even a fourth, but probably 1/10th of all license plates are personalized. Most of them do not include any numbers.

2) I can tell you the street numbers for all major east-west streets. Thunderbird is 13800 in case you care.

3) I know the best route driving west-east to get all the numbers off of the street signs and which ones will cause problems. For example, there are no street signs/numbers between 34th and 36th street on Bell so if you don't get the 35 from a license plate quickly, you're pretty much screwed on Bell.

4) There are a lot of discrepancies between the left and right sides of the streets regarding house numbers. I'm not sure who came up with the numbering system, but they didn't do a very good job. In the course of the game, though, this can come in handy.

Yeah, I'm definitely OCD.


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