Daily Funnies

Today was a busy day. I tried to get all of the kids up at 7:30. This is the time they will all need to be up on Wednesday and the rest of the school year. Except for Aaron, who, at 7:30 am, will actually be at school and should have been awake for at least an hour already. Daniel got up, used the bathroom, and went back to bed. When I called to him, okay, yelled at him to get up, he claimed he was up, he was just making his bed from the inside.

Nicholas, on the other hand, jumped out of bed, ran to find me, and requested to play the PlayStation (TM). Never mind that 1) he is still in his boxers, and 2) we have a standing rule that you do not ask to play the PlayStation (TM) before 9 am.

Cierra claimed she needed help getting dressed, but when I went to find her, she had already changed and left her pajamas on my floor. I'm still not sure exactly how that happened since she emerged from her own room fully dressed yet I never saw her go from my room to hers in just her underwear. It is possible that she has learned to transport, but highly unlikely.

I had promised Daniel a one-on-one trip to go shopping. He is really into magic tricks and had been told by a friend about a store over by the mall. To make sure I headed for the right place, I looked it up online first. I verified the name of the store with Daniel and he assured me I had the right name. Sorry son, Optical Illusions is an Optometrists office.

Aaron had asked me prior to leaving if he could go to a friend's house when we returned. I told him we would see how the day was going. I returned from shopping and had picked up fast food for lunch. Of course I had forgotten Rachel's cheeseburger (she usually eats the chicken nuggets) so had to dash out for another run. After the kids had eaten, Aaron approached me again about going to his friend's house. His friend lives approximately half a mile away.

Aaron: I know you probably don't want to go back out so can I just ride a bike over?
Me: Sure
Aaron (coming back in from the garage): All of the bicycles are flat.
Me: You could skateboard over.
Aaron: I'm not that good at skateboarding, and the roads aren't really great for riding my ripstick.
Me: You could always walk.
Aaron: uhhhh
Me: Or here's an idea - go out to the garage and use the compressor to fill up the tires on one of the bikes.
Aaron: I'll just ride my ripstick.

And here's the kicker. Two hours later he called to find out when we were planning on picking him up. Because of our evening activities, I told him he had an option in pick-up times (heaven forbid I suggest he ride his ripstick home). We settled on one and then I asked him what he was up to. He and his friends were walking to Circle K. Not the close one, the one up at 56th street and Bell. The one at least three miles away.

Kids - you've got to love them. Killing them is a federal offense.


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