Week Ending 7/12/09

The new schedule is not working well. I am still sleeping in later than I would like and the kids are being lazy as well. But we'll keep on trying. We are still making it to church on time so we're not complete failures.

Monday Neil did some job hunting at Chase and I worked on packing up stuff and sort of cleaning along the way. Tuesday Neil and I both went to a job fair that ended up not happening so went to the temple instead. You can read of my skirt-shopping exploits in a previous post. It was good to be back at the temple, especially since we had talked about going sooner and it hadn't worked out. Neil held his scout meeting while I focused on finding the floor in my bedroom.

Wednesday was more cleaning for me and Neil went to a job fair which did actually happen but was not very promising. We were supposed to get the carpets cleaned which is why I was looking for my bedroom floor, only to have the people show up and tell me that they were not a carpet-cleaning service but were actually demo-ing a particular brand of carpet cleaner in hopes of making a sale. Given our current situation I told them that they would not be making a sale no matter how good the product and they left the house saving us all from two hours of sales pitch. It would have been nice if they would have cleaned that one stubborn spot in the dining room as a good-will gesture, but such is life.

Thursday I cleaned up the little girls' bedroom which has since been destroyed. This isn't really unusual. Neil went with Derek to his final swim meet and finally got home around 10 pm. Friday I took a break from cleaning and worked on organizing the piles of papers that have been strewn across my bedroom floor. Neil took Derek to the church for a scout campout with his mother's ward and I dropped Aaron off at our building to go participate in baptisms for the dead. Daniel hung out with some neighbor boys and ended up spending the night there. Aaron got back from the temple only to go spend the night at a buddy's house and so it was just me, Neil, and the little guys. We tried to convince them to spend the night in their own beds, but they snuck in at some point and re-strewed my piles.

Saturday I refocused on the piles - still have a couple that I just don't know what to do about. They're not critical, but they could become so. I think I'll just bundle them all up and shove them in my bedside cupboard. At least they'll be off the floor. Trick is to remember what I did with them when they do become necessary. Neil's mom was in town and stopped in to visit. She bought us pizza. The little girls were convinced they were going to get to go home with her and spend the night. They were disappointed when they realized she was leaving without them. We're planning a trip there next weekend so hopefully that will make them happy.

Today was church. We got there on time (early actually) and marvelled at the emptiness of the parking lot. It shouldn't be surprising - anyone with brains and capability leave Phoenix for the month of July. We made it through the sacrament portion and past the musical number before Cierra had to go to the bathroom. We had just come back to the foyer when Neil appeared with Rachel in tears. Apparently Nick had attacked her. While trying to console her, Aaron appeared with Nick so he got to sit by the couch, Rachel was on my lap still mooing, and Cierra was pouting because she no longer had mom's lap or attention.

Neil and I taught in primary then Neil met with the mother of one of his scouts to review what he had accomplished while Aaron met with the new teacher's quorum advisor regarding his position as Varsity Team Captain and also with a merit badge counselor for his Personal Management. He just needs to get a blue card filled out, meet for his scoutmaster's conference and have a board of review and he will be Life. Then it's a few more merit badges and a project and he should have his Eagle by next summer. He could do it sooner, but I want him to be able to focus on his school work without trying to cram everything in and get lost.

My visiting teacher brought by a watermelon and the kids have been bugging to cut it open. That'll have to wait until tomorrow. We don't have enough room in the refrigerator right now so that'll have to be a project to work on tomorrow. It is now almost 9:30 and I didn't get my afternoon nap. I start work tomorrow so I probably ought to get to bed so I can be there on time.


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