Visiting Grandpa

Cierra has been bugging us to go visit grandparents this summer. She has been particularly concerned about visiting Grandpa Taggart who died just a few months before she was born. We think it may have been triggered from her visit to the Veteran's Memorial Cemetary when we helped the scouts plant flags the Saturday prior to Memorial Day. She insisted that Grandpa needed a flag. So as we prepared to go to Thatcher, she made sure she had her flag and we promised she would get to go visit Grandpa.

Saturday afternoon we headed over to the cemetary. Grandpa had been cremated and a burial lot had been purchased. There is no headstone yet, but one is planned as soon as the estate is truly settled. We keep thinking this will be the year only to get last-minute paperwork. 2010 is looking good.

Uncle Ian showed Cierra where Grandpa is buried, Dad poked a hole in the ground, and Cierra planted the flag. Next time she wants to take flowers.


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