Powers of Observation

You know, you think you tell your kids things. Sometimes I work on the assumption that if I know something, so do they. Take this whole bishopric change. We had been told by a couple of people of the change and I thought in telling Neil, I had also told the kids. Imagine my surprise when Daniel turns to me this morning and asks when Brother Bloom became the bishop. I could've sworn I'd mentioned it. But then I realize I must've been working with the principle of osmosis and assumed that what I knew, he did as well.

Did you know that Tweety Bird is a boy? Ummm yeah - doesn't everyone? Apparently this is another piece of information I had neglected to pass on to my children. And I didn't realize that families all across the nation were having dinner conversations based on the gender of cartoon characters and I'd been committing a social faux pas. Truth is I don't watch cartoons (much) and since the advent of DTV, I haven't been watching television at all. By the way - Magenta is a girl but Blue is a boy and any true Blue's Clue's fan will tell you that the show is ruined now that Blue actually talks. Actually true fans will tell you the show took a turn for the worse when Steve left for college and left Blue in the care of Joe (nice kid, but he obviously has a fear of commitment).

I can only imagine what else I've neglected to tell my children, but some things I guess they should be able to figure out for themselves. So I didn't feel too horrible about the lack of communication regarding the bishop when Daniel's next question was if Brother Hibbert had died. (for those unaware, Brother Hibbert had been the 1st counselor in the former bishopric). Rather than respond at all, I simply pointed to the row ahead of us where Brother Hibbert was seated clearly alive.


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