Lost in Austen

We had a carpet cleaning scheduled for this afternoon. They would clean two rooms so I chose the dining room and the master bedroom. They have the most carpet. The dining room was easy. We had cleaned it yesterday in time for scouts and it was still in a reasonable state of clutter-free. I did have to re-vacuum, but that's not really surprising. The master bedroom was a different story. It has become the catch-all since nobody is allowed in our room outside of family. It's a fairly big room. It holds a queen sized bed with a headboard which has cupboards on either side of the bed, a couch, a dresser, a chest of drawers, two desks, an exercise/weight system, a table, and a bookshelf. That doesn't include the walk-in closet which holds boxes of books, knick-knacks, future Christmas/birthday presents, camping and hunting gear, and clothes. The room has become overrun with scout stuff, church stuff, school stuff, sewing stuff, computer stuff, and stuff which has no clear category but must be kept nonetheless.

In an effort to be more organized, I have been packing boxes according to category. This works rather well when all the stuff of a category is together and can easily be transferred from a pile to a box. This is not the case in the bedroom. Piles have been moved multiple times and categories have oozed and mixed amongst themselves. So today I must bring order to chaos and must do so before 3 pm when the carpet cleaners are due to arrive. Since I will be spending the day in the bedroom, I throw in a movie. For those who have been paying attention, I do not particularly care for Jane Austen's books yet I find myself drawn subconsciously to movies about her and her works.

I grabbed this movie because it had a good cover and a catchy title. It never occurred to me that Austin was spelled wrong and that this movie was not about Texas, but Jane herself. Well, sort of. The basic premise is a modern English gal is visited by Elizabeth Bennet (Pride & Prejudice) through a previously unknown portal linking the Bennet's attic and Miss Price's bathroom. Of course, Miss Price is an Austen fan and has spent the last 14 years of her life in love with the love affair between the Miss Bennet's and their various beaux. Thrown into their world while Lizzie takes on 21st century London, Miss Price finds there is more character to Austen's characters and is both distressed and anxious when the country society doesn't match up as depicted in the book. Jane doesn't marry Bingley and Charlotte leaves to be a missionary in Africa. Who gets Mr. Darcy? You'll have to watch the movie.


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