It Takes a Village

Neil and I did some late night shopping and were headed home to unload groceries. It was just shy of 9 pm and as we are approaching our street, we see a little girl, about 7 or 8 years old, on a scooter on the sidewalk. A gold car is next to her and we watch as there appears to be some conversation, then the girl gets into the car. It's probably nothing, but it doesn't look right. Neil reads off the license plate number and we begin to follow the car. It heads south to Thunderbird then makes a right turn, heading west. We follow. The car switches to the left lane and we do as well. Right before 56th Street, the car switches back to the right lane and heads north onto 56th. We pursue. The next light is Acoma and probably the last street we are willing to allow the car to turn onto to return to the neighborhood before we call the police. The car continues north and I dial 9-1-1.

The operator asks for the emergency and I tell her what we have witnessed. We continue to follow the car which continues north past Greenway and pulls into Horizon Park. We are aware that there is a police station located here and pass this information on to the operator. The car pulls to a stop in front of the station and Neil pulls alongside. The driver rolls down her window and questions why we are following. We explain that we had noticed the little girl getting into her car and were concerned for her safety. Relief hits us all as she explains that her daughters were being unruly so she was going to make them walk home. One had already gotten out, but when the mother saw our vehicle stop, she convinced her daughter to get back in the car.

The operator has overheard the conversation and is probably trying to keep from laughing, grateful that there was no abduction after all. We all are.


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