Dressing Up

There was a job fair today. I dressed to impress - black slacks, white and red blouse with a black belt. I did my hair - nothing special, but a bit of gel and a hairdryer beats the normal air-dried look I go with. I printed out 20 copies of my resume. Neil mapquested the address and off we went. It took a little time to find the place. Mapquest likes back roads rather than the obvious route. The place didn't look like a job fair location, but in we went. There was no job fair today. We did get to hand over a resume and received a business card with the business' web site.

All dressed up and no where to go. Neil makes a comment that if I had worn a skirt instead of pants we could go to the temple. We had planned to go last week, but never made it. Probably my fault. It's too hot to sleep at night and too hot to drive during the day. But we're already out and instead of allowing my choice of clothing affect the ability to go to the temple, I suggest we go buy me a skirt. Desert Industries is on the way. I go quickly to the rack with black skirts and choose two to try on. Neil has disappeared. I go to the dressing rooms. First skirt is long and silky. Not silk silky - more like a rayon/lycra blend. I'm liking it until I turn to the side. Long skirt comes with a mile high slit. Were I not wearing garments, this would be a sexy feature. I don't love everything about my body, but I do have great legs. However, there is a difference between a flash of pale skin and a flash of white leggings and sexy quickly turns to weird. Next skirt.

This one is shorter but still knee-length - appropriately covering the garments. It also has a slit. Two actually - one in front and one in back. But they are modest slits and glancing at myself in the mirror, I am convinced this will do. I change back into the pants and head off to find Neil. I swing through the dress racks and he finds me eyeing an animal print with a v-neck. He is carrying two dress shirts, blue cub scout shorts, two khaki scout shirts and is torn over two eagle scout neckerchiefs. I tell him to ditch the yellow dress shirt while I try on the dress. He exchanges the yellow shirt for the eagle neckerchiefs and I get the okay on the dress. I'm ready to leave - he wants to go see the "stuff" section of DI. I remind him our goal is the temple. It'll just be real quick.

It's not and it came with some movies and a Primary CD-Rom. But we're finally checked out and I'm switching from the pants to the skirt in the truck. Bonus of owning a lifted truck - you can change and still have privacy. We get to the temple and I realize the huge mistake I have made in buying this skirt. I never walked in it and as I walk, the front slit now exposes the very clothing I tried to avoid when I nixed the longer skirt. I am instantly uncomfortable and embarrassed. I walk with my purse in front of me. I am now smacking my legs into my purse with every step and am still uncomfortable.
Since we hadn't planned on going to the temple, we have to use the temple's clothing. Not a big deal - I've done it before. We are asked if we will do sealings. Not a bad idea to be reminded of the covenants I made seven years ago. Once we are in the sealing room, we are instructed to put on the packet clothing. The veil stumps me. It's not the style I'm used to and as I stare in the mirror, I know it is wrong, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to make it right. I ask Neil for help. He's a guy. He doesn't wear a veil and he tells me I look fine. A sister comes into the room escorted by a female temple worker. She knows it's wrong and quickly comes over to aid me in setting things right. She whispers that it happened to another sister and the male workers were unable to assist. Like me, they knew it was wrong, but clueless on how to make it right.

I guess I shouldn't be so concerned. It is after all, just clothing. I'm not intentionally trying to be immodest or clueless. But in the future, I shall wear a dress or skirt and carry my temple bag - just in case. For now, I'm happily back in jeans and a t-shirt.


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