Week Ending June 7, 2009

We're into day camp - full swing. So right now my life is getting up, getting things packed up, leave for day camp, spend 9 hours at the Heard either at the pool or with the Mowglis (staff day care), come home, put the kids to bed, crash out.

Nothing real exciting this past week other than we filled out all the paperwork for the house short sale and sent it to the bank and Derek turned 14 on Thursday. That was roundtable night so Neil stayed home with the kids while I went to day camp by myself. He had a counseling appointment with Alyx which seemed to go fairly well. Derek leaves for camp tomorrow, Aaron got home yesterday.

Church today was okay I guess. I got berated by the mother of the other teacher for not bringing the bread again but when I told her that we were having a busy month, she told me she didn't want to be involved, that it should be between her son and and Aaron. So either she wants to be involved or she doesn't. Not really sure. And at the moment I really don't care. I told her I couldn't commit to bring bread for sure because of the house situation and she finally walked away. I then broke down in tears and my friend who witnessed it all comforted me.

We were actually late for church - in fact probably would have skipped if it wasn't for the fact that Neil has to teach primary. And we decided to let the kids stay home and sleep in so Neil and I made it in time for the primary portion. I thought I was helping him teach - but it doesn't start til next week when another class' teachers are out of town so we're covering that class along with Neil's. The president felt it would be better to team teach rather than have me teach one and Neil teach his own because of some of the kids' in that class. It's a larger class and having two teachers helps maintain order.

We got home, got some food for the kids and then took a long nap. We just finished up scripture reading and the kids have had their showers for the night. Time to go back to bed.


L. Taggart said…
Hi Caran. I am glad to hear you are getting something going with the house, more glad to hear your testimony in the Lord's handling things is strong enough! Love you!

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