Week Ending May 10, 2009

Once again, nothing exciting or out of the ordinary. Mostly involved in scouting of some sort. Monday night I went to judge the Dutch Oven Cook Off hosted by Troop 30 and just about went into a diabetic coma. Tuesday was typical stay-at-home stuff. Wednesday the boys had a combined activity where they learned to line dance. Thursday was Roundtable. Friday Daniel had a birthday party/sleepover at a friend's house, Neil had a staff development overnighter for NYLT, and the rest of us just vegged out at home. Saturday Neil was still at staff development, I helped teach a Baloo training course, and the kids cleaned house (sort of). Sunday was Mother's Day. The ward gave us small boxes of See's candy, Daniel, Nick, and Cierra all gave me cards, and I got caught by one of the counselor's at church and am now speaking on May 31st. The topic is Testimony so if any of you have any good personal stories on Drawing on Your Testimony in Times of Turmoil, email me at taggteam2002@hotmail.com.

On to a new week. Hopefully it will bring some job interviews and little other stress.


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