Week Ending 5/3/09

This should encompass 3 weeks worth of review, but on review, I realize that my mundane existence provides little noteworthy actions. One week or three weeks and the truth is it has mostly been involved in school for me, school for the kids, housework, and scout meetings. So instead of a day-by-day breakdown, I'll just highlight some of the out-of-the-ordinary occassions.

First, most recently, we have been missing Derek. He has come down with some variation of the chicken pox and has not been over all week because of fear of contaminating our little kids. We've talked to him on the phone every day and are hoping he'll be feeling up to being back among us this coming week.

Last Monday we got information from our insurance company regarding the COBRA plan. We had been told that the insurance had ended in March at the same time that Neil's severance package had stopped. According to the letter, we had insurance coverage through the end of April. I was frustrated, feeling that if I had had this information a bit earlier, I could have had time to schedule appointments for the kids. On Tuesday, as I was driving somewhere, I had the impression that I should go ahead and call the doctor's office to see if I could get any of the kids in. Since Cierra will start kindergarten in the fall, she was my first priority but as it turned out, even though it involved a lot of driving back and forth, I was actually able to get appointments for all five children. We are truly being blessed.

Last weekend I helped a friend move. Her mother is getting married and basically kicked my friend and her three sons out of the house. Since the weekend was also the District Camporee, I had no idea how we were going to get enough manpower to move the furniture and other big stuff. Although she is not a member of the church, she was married to a man who was so she's had some association with the church. She even knew which ward she belonged to so I sent an email to a friend who lives in that ward and Saturday we had two groups show up - one with a Uhaul truck that had been used earlier that day in another move. I can't think of another organization who would come out and do that for somebody they don't even know.

Well, back to work here. It's getting close to bedtime so I need to go help kids get ready.


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