Week Ending 5/24/09

Another busy week out of the way. We are doing better at having family scripture study. Because we know the summer will be crazy and trying to remember which chapter we left off on, we have pulled the current Ensign issue which contains the conference addresses. Last time, I just picked randomly, hoping that luck and inspiration would lead me to the address we need to read. This time, we're just going in order. Inspiration I believe is still involved.

This week I was in charge of teaching Joy School. On Monday, we went to the library so I could find books needed for the lesson and return the materials that were due back. Tuesday was Joy School and Neil went to a Job Fair. Wednesday I went back to the library to get more Joy School books for Thursday. Thursday Neil had an interview but isn't what he thought it was. He's still looking. Thursday night was Derek's graduation celebration from 8th grade. As usual, his mom wanted him back early and couldn't understand why Neil was insistent that Derek could easily shower and change at our house. So of course she resorted to name-calling and placing Derek in an uncomfortable situation. Normally Neil concedes to keep the peace, but he held his ground and this will come up in court and in counseling.

Friday we had a pre-wedding dinner for one of Neil's eagle scouts. Very weird that he's now getting married. We were also invited to be at the temple ceremony so we attended that and then later that evening we took the family to another friend's son's wedding reception. It was much more like a fair than a reception - balloon animals, swords, flowers, etc., popcorn, cotton candy, and sno-cones. The kids had a blast and were reluctant to leave. But with early morning church, we couldn't keep them out too late.

Today the sacrament meeting focused on prayer. The kids were well-behaved but Rachel needed water about the time the choir got up to sing. We were followed out by Cierra and shortly after, Nick joined us needing the bathroom. I ran into some friends in the hallway so we opted to go to the nursery room to let the kids be kids while we listened to the high councilman speak (yay speakers in nursery room). As he drew to a close, my friend realized she was supposed to be giving the closing prayer.

Neil left after church for his week at NYLT. I resent him being gone but it's a commitment he made last year. I realize I am greedy about my time with him - probably don't appreciate him enough when he's here, but miss him like mad when he's not. It'll be an interesting week without him. The kids finish up school and cub scout day camp starts. I still need to go down and set up the kiva for the Mowgli area. I'm still debating whether or not I'm going to be able to help out - I'm really hoping for a paying job and yet I don't want to leave the camp with too short of notice. Decisions, decisions.


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