Week Ending 5/17/09

Another busy week with too many meetings and not enough cars. Monday Aaron had an OA election, I had signed our family up to clean the church building, and apparently we're avoiding Family Home Evening again. I took Aaron and his friend David to the election, Neil took Derek to clean the church building, and Daniel was relegated to babysitter of the three younger children - easier to leave them home then allow them to wander through the church.

Tuesday Neil had scouts, Aaron and I had a Day Camp Staff Meeting (waste of time as usual), and we got home just in time to see the finale of The Biggest Loser. We were rooting for Mike or Tara, but Helen won instead. Well, good for her! She shows that losing weight in the advanced years isn't an impossibility. Hopefully I'll never have to deal with that issue. Luckily I seem to have inherited my mother's McNeill genes and have been the same weight since I graduated high school, other than when I gained weight during pregnancies.

Wednesday was book club, scouts, band concert. It would have been fine if the band concert was actually taking place at the school the students attend. Not only was it not there, it wasn't even held at the local high school that the middle school feeds into. NOPE - I had to drive him to another high school (the one Alyx attends just by coincidence), drop him off at 6 and get back to the church by 6:30. All with the back of the suburban loaded with food. I made it okay but did mention to the band director the inconvenience and requested they keep that in mind in the future. Neil brought Derek over to the church for scouts and the plan was for him to pick up Aaron after dropping Derek off at his mom's house. Timing was just about right. Plan changed - Aaron got a ride home with a friend, Neil stopped to get gas, and they still both beat me home.

Thursday I had a number of conflicts. Aaron had another OA election, it was the night of they boys' school musical concert, the first meeting of the crafts SIG group at church, and the follow-up meeting for Cub Scout Pow Wow staff. Since I haven't figured out how to be everywhere at once, Neil took Aaron and Derek to the election and I took everyone else to the school concert. Family first - and I'm glad I made that choice. The teachers had worked hard with the kids and it was actually a delightful performance.

Thursday and Friday Neil had volunteered down at the NRA convention. I never got a chance to go down and check it out but I'm sure I'll live. The boys had half-day on Friday (normal) but Nick decided to throw a fit first thing in the morning so after talking with his teacher and the principal, we decided it would be better for everyone if we didn't subject the school to Nick's attitude. Shortly after returning home, I got a call from the middle school nurse - Aaron had been popped in the head by a friend (guys goofing around) but seemed to be fine. He was to go back at 11:30 for a follow up. At noon, I got a text from Aaron saying he was fine. At 2 pm I got another call from the nurse asking me to come pick him up. He had gotten dizzy during his last class but he seemed to be okay when I got there. I asked him a number of questions about what kind of dizzy - did it include nauseousness? What had he eaten for lunch? Did he ever lose consciousness? etc. After drilling him for a few minutes, the nurse asked me if I was a nurse. I laughed and said, no, just a mom of 7 kids. Since Daniel was home with the little kids, I took Aaron to get a haircut and was able to get more information about what had happened. It sounds like he just got light-headed from standing up too fast, but because of the injury earlier, he wanted to make sure it wasn't connected.

After all the excitement, he decided to go to the 8th grade final dance of the year. Neil took him over and we hung out at home watching movies with the kids. I picked Aaron up at 9:30 and everyone headed to bed.

Saturday morning the boys had a scout thing then we headed down to the Heard to start set up for Day Camp. We left there about 11:30 and got home just in time to scarf some lunch and take the younger kids to a primary activity. Neil took Derek to the NRA convention where Derek was excited to get Ted Nugent to sign his hat. I picked the kids up at 4 and then came home and finished doing laundry and general house cleaning.

Today was church. Sacrament meeting talks were on the priesthood. The kids were more or less behaved. We only had to take Cierra out while she had a meltdown because I wouldn't let her sit on my lap. Cierra had a talk to give in Primary so I went up to help her. She got through the first two lines and then decided to get shy. So I had Daniel come up and read her talk - yay for big brothers. After church I had an Enrichment committee meeting and Neil had a scout committee meeting. We finally got home around 1. The kids were all tired and cranky from waiting out in the truck. We got some food and water in them and they became somewhat normal (less cranky). Aaron, Daniel, and I played a game of Clue in which I beat them (normal) after Aaron made a faux pas and accused the wrong person.

Well it's time to gather the family around for scripture reading and prayer.


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