Every now and then I pick up a book from the teen section just for fun. After all the hoopla about the movie, I talked to a friend from church who has been listening to the Twilight series as she drives to and from work. She thought it was good enough to recommend and I'm glad I read it.

I've actually finished the first three books and have a request on the fourth one at the library. I've been surprised at how well written the books are. They are of the same calibur as the Harry Potter series and Stephenie Meyers has developed both plot and characters very well. Because the plot is so intriguing, these many-paged novels are a quick read.

I do not know that they will stand the test of time or ever be considered classics, I do find it nice to come across a book that allows you to be drawn in without having to think too hard. Oh, and the movie was pretty good too.


Whiteley Family said…
I read the first three the week right before I moved. I couldn't put them down and I was supposed to packing up my house. Chiye suggested them to me and she doesn't read as much as I do. So they must have been good for her to suggest them. My husband Travis even read them and enjoyed them. He says that Bella gets too winey in #2.

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