Thursday, May 28, 2009

Speaking of Independence

Nicholas finishes kindergarten on Friday. I guess I am not yet ready for my little guy to grow up. I still have the two girls to baby, but still - he's my last boy. He has obviously been watching his older brother, Derek, more intently than I had realized. Derek loves to cook and recently he has been baking cookies and brownies for the family.

Sunday evening, after Neil had left for NYLT, I was at the computer typing my weekly review, when Cierra came over holding an egg. She began babbling something about a bowl and chocolate chips. My guess was she was wanting to make cookies. So while I normally would have put her off until I was finished with whatever I was doing, the egg in her hand prompted me to act immediately. Taking the egg, I walked with her back to the kitchen. There on my island was Nicholas, the carton of eggs, a bowl filled with a cookie mix, and butter. As I tried to ascertain what he had already done, I found a mixture of pride and concern - okay, some annoyance as well. He had pretty much completed the ingredients part and the only thing I needed was some more butter. Figuring out how much more was a bit tricky, but over all, not a big deal.

We have gone over the need to have adult assistance whenever he wants to cook, but I fear it won't be long before he and Derek completely take over the kitchen.

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