She's Following Me

We have some good friends who moved from our ward out to Mesa. At least I like to think of them as good friends. I've always thought highly of the mom and seeing her, reading her blog, or hearing about her from mutual friends always brings a smile to my face. The dad is one of those guys that you wish your husband could be more like, no matter how great your own husband may be. The kids are typical kids. They're not perfect, but they are well-behaved at most social events and incur the right amount of embarrassment at the most inopportune moments for their parents. How can you not like them? Since they moved we obviously do not see them very often - at least not as often as we did when they lived in the ward.

It was not unusual to run into them at the wedding reception of another ward member's child Saturday night. It was a little more unexpected to see them at the ward breakfast this morning, and there was disappointment that they were coming in just as we were leaving. It was a great surprise when we were standing in line at the Science Center to hear Daniel say, "She's following me!" as he pointed to unnamed child number 3 standing by the dad apparently waiting for the rest of the family to catch up. Shortly afterward we did indeed see the rest of the family and after a quick catch up, we had to go as did they.

We had planned to go to the movies this evening but with the A/C out of commission, I nixed that plan in the end. It would have been delightful to find that their own plans to see a movie coincided with our own and to meet at the drive-in. Maybe next time.


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