Night at the movies

Since we are going to be busy starting tomorrow with Day Camp, I decided to take the family to the drive-in to see Night at the Museum. The kids really enjoyed the first one (as did I) and the drive-in is extra special because you get a double feature and tickets are cheap. Adult tickets (12 and older) are only $6.25 (vs. $10.00 or more at a regular theatre), children's tickets (ages 5-11) are $1.00 (vs. $7 or $8), and children 4 and under are free. Try getting anybody in free at a regular theatre.

We took the suburban which does not have a working radio and my portable cd/radio/tape player. We took the third seat out figuring the little kids could all sit on that, and brought 4 camp chairs. What ended up happening was Aaron and I took 2 camp chairs each (one to sit in and one for our feet), Daniel sat on the suburban seat, and Rachel, Nick, and Cierra took turns wandering. They'd stand behind me, in front of me, try walking closer to the screen (we were in the front row), sit or stand on the suburban seat, stand on the bumper of the suburban, and/or sit on my lap. At one point Rachel stole my foot chair and fell asleep in it. At least I didn't have to worry about where she was.

Overall the kids enjoyed the movie but nobody was dead set on seeing the second feature (Dragonball something-or-other) so we packed up and came home. Yay - everyone is in bed asleep except for me and I'm heading there now.


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