Long Term Goals

I'm driving in the car this morning to take Cierra to Joy School. First we have to pick up her friend Sam. Sam is about 4 months older than Cierra and has already indicated to his parents that he will be marrying Cierra. Some days Cierra is fine with this, others she isn't so sure - claiming she doesn't want to get married. At least it's not personal for Sam.

Out of the blue, she declares that she's not going to work when she gets older. I'm not sure what has driven this comment - possibly overhearing Neil and I discuss the possibility of me going to work, or just one of those random thoughts. As I search my brain for the correct response to this declaration, she then informs me that she won't have to go to work because Sam will. So then she explains that she will stay home and watch the kids. And in that instance, she becomes overwhelmed - she doesn't know what she will name her babies.


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