Favorite Brother

I had all the kids in the car this morning as we did our morning run to the various schools. Rachel had climbed into Aaron's lap and declared him her favorite brother with Nicholas taking second. Daniel and Derek were not in the running as she claimed they were big meanies.

The afternoon run goes in reverse as I pick up Daniel and Nicholas before getting Aaron. As the boys climbed in, Daniel headed for the back seat to sit next to Rachel. Sure enough, Daniel has now been promoted to favorite brother. When asked about Aaron, she simply replies, "No, Daniel!"

After getting home and taking care of homework, we go to the pool. Aaron and Daniel have declined to join us but Derek is quick to jump in once he gets home with Neil. Because Derek will let Rachel cling to his back while he swims from one side of the pool to the other, he quickly is dubbed favorite brother.

Hmmmm, do we have a politician in the making? Or just a typical girl who recognizes her female right to change her mind at whim?


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