Celebrity Role Models

For those of you unaware, Donald Trump has a reality show called The Apprentice. A bunch of people are on the most bizarre job interview as they compete each week in challenges to stay out of the board room and hopefully at the end of the season hear the words "You're Hired." Most of the time these are just regular people you've never heard of before. Some you hope to never hear of again. But just for fun, The Donald includes a season in which the contestants are celebrities. Instead of being rewarded with a position within Trump's empire, the celebrities are hoping to grab the grand prize of $250,000 for their favorite charity. Along the way, as they win their challenges, the project leader gets smaller amounts to donate.

This season, the most well-known faces were Clint Black, Dennis Rodman, Joan and Melissa Rivers, and Scott Hamel. Others included a reality tv star, a golf pro, a professional poker player, and sports heros. Through the entire season Joan Rivers was obnoxious, rude, and malicious to any who opposed her. Yet, somehow, she made it to the final show as one of the last two celebrities. While she did technically win the final challenge, her opponent had a better record throughout the entire season and was a lot better behaved.

Sure enough, Joan was named the celebrity apprentice and while I was disappointed that it did not go to the more deserving competitor, I was offended that Donald Trump would not only completely gloss over Joan's poor behavior, but he actually oozed over what a "great role model" she is. I'm sorry, role models do not walk out when they don't get their way. They do not malign a complete profession simply because they do not like one person who is in that career. They do not call others names, insult others for fun, or treat others as pond scum in an effort to elevate themselves.

Trump - you got this one wrong - Annie Duke was the true role model and the better celebrity.


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