Week Ending 4/5/09

It was another busy week. Monday I had my final dentist appointment where I finally got my crown put on my tooth. The tooth still feels weird, but the dentist assures me that this is normal and since there is no pain associated with it, I tend to believe her. Aaron and Derek have become rather active in the Order of the Arrow and they each took care of a troop's OA elections Monday night. Tuesday Neil had to go down to Tucson for some NYLT staffing stuff so I took care of his 11-year-old scouts that night then took Aaron over to the church for YM activity night.

Wednesday I think we actually all got to stay home so Neil and I went to get our taxes done. We thought everything had been settled with his dad's estate and we had no K-1s this year. At the very least we expected that if there were any forms, we would have received them as it was now practically the end of March. Well, nothing like being proven wrong. We got a call that night from Neil's brother stating that he had received the K-1s from the accountant that day. I don't get it really - this is a professional accountant and as such should have had all documents out by the legally stated January 31st. The positive news is that we are getting a refund and so rather than be angry or bitter, we are rejoicing that even this small glitch will not be a major catastrophe. \

Thursday we had Roundtable. I got a text from a friend who is trying to find a place to move so she no longer has to live with her mother - who is getting married shortly. Basically they had a fight so I went to go make sure she still had a place to live (along with her three sons) and ended up staying with her until it was time to go to roundtable. There I ran the commissioner's meeting and tried to get out early. It didn't work - never seems to happen when dealing with scouts.

Friday the boys had an Arrow of Light ceremony to perform so Neil took them while the little kids and I had a movie night. Saturday and Sunday was conference weekend. I however attended a CCW class on Saturday to obtain my Concealed Carry Permit. I did actually pass the class and now just have to send in the paperwork and my money to DPS. Neil took the kids to the zoo and then went with the two older boys to the church for the priesthood session of conference. Sunday we turned on conference and the kids decided to try to go swimming between sessions. It is as yet too cold. After conference, we put in a movie that had been recommended to us by a church and scouting friend called "Facing the Giants". It really is a good family movie which I highly recommend. It was produced by a Baptist church in Georgia but isn't hokey - which I find to be the case with many of the LDS artist-produced movies.

So that's my week. Hoping this one will remain calm.


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