Tax Time

We have been a little stressed about taxes. Having sold the other house and making a profit assured us we would be paying taxes this year. How much was to be determined. Well, once again we were blessed. Even though we had made a considerable profit on the house, we had sold it for less than the market value and therefore tax-wise, we took a loss. So we are able to breathe a little bit better and are working with our bank on the house to do a loan modification. Although we have a decent savings, Neil is still unemployed so we need to be wise in how we work this out. But we do feel that because we are trying our best to do our part, the Lord will continue to bless us - though we have learned that rarely is it in the way we expect or in the timeframe we would like. Guess this is part of learning to do the Lord's will rather than try to get Him to submit to our own.


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