Week Ending 3/8/09

A rather quiet week overall. The evenings were busy but the days mostly filled with housework and school work. We are working with Aaron to finish up his Duty to God requirements for his Deacon's certificate. He's only got a couple of things to do so he's in good shape.

Monday was rather boring. Tuesday Neil had scouts and Aaron had band practice. Wednesday Neil and I went over to the church about 1:00 to help set up for the Relief Society Birthday dinner. Cierra got sick so once tables and chairs were up we headed back home. Aaron went over with me later to finish some set up and to join in the youth with their combined activity. They played dodgeball using toilet paper rolls. I helped out at the dinner, cleaned up, and Aaron and I headed back home. Neil had called our home teacher over to give Cierra a blessing and she seemed to be doing better by the time I got home.

Thursday night I had a beading ceremony to attend for a couple of my fellow Antelopes out in Mesa. It was the same night as our own district roundtable so Neil was there with the two older boys who attended their OA chapter meeting. The beading ceremony was short so I headed back to our roundtable and got their in time for the commissioner's meeting.

Friday Aaron hung out with some friends after school, Neil took Derek down for an OA friendship party and Daniel played in the neighborhood with some of his friends. Saturday Neil had a CCW class - we had wanted to take it together but I had a meeting with Aaron's high school counselor that I had already rescheduled once. I should have ignored it and gone for my CCW. Oh well. Saturday I picked up around the house and the kids did everything in their power to undo my work. I took Daniel out in the evening to buy some new church pants and came home to look over my primary lesson.

Sunday was church - nothing exciting really. Then home for an afternoon nap. Neil took Derek back to his moms house and we read scriptures. We have been reading the D&C and the boys have been excited as we read about the organization of the church and the offices of the priesthood. Aaron was asking if he could baptize Rachel if she wanted him to. We have it worked out that Aaron will be old enough to baptize Nick, Derek gets Cierra, and Daniel, turning 16 the same month that Rachel turns 8, will get to baptize her. What we hadn't realized is that Aaron will be turning 19 shortly after so may already be an ordained Elder and he can stand in the circle during her confirmation. I don't dare suggest he get to confirm her - that's kind of a big deal for Neil to get to do as dad and I don't want to take that away from him. But there is a good chance that both Aaron and Derek will be able to stand in the circle.

It was my last week of school and I'm off for two weeks before my next course. I'm excited for the break as I can focus on the house more fully and get ready for our second Wood Badge weekend without additional stress.


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