Happy Birthday Daniel

We waited until today to celebrate since Daniel was off on a scouting campout for the majority of yesterday. He did get to take his new sleeping bag with him and came home to new bedding for his bed. He's been using an old set of blue flowers that we've had since we lived in the apartment before Neil and I even met. It was getting threadbare so he's got a new set with a sports theme.

I had also made a cake and Nicholas wanted to be able to share because he only got cupcakes for his birthday, so the top layer had 11 candles for Daniel and then there were six more along the side on the second layer for Nicholas. Daniel was a great sport, sharing his cake and song with his brother.

We finished the song and cut the cake then dispersed through the house. Cierra came up and asked if it was time to do presents. I had taken Daniel's presents to the kitchen but forgot to give them to him. So we all went back to the kitchen and watched as Daniel opened his presents.


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