Wood Badge

Neil and I spent last weekend staffing a Wood Badge course. I am the Scribe and he is ASM over Facilities. For those of you unfamiliar with Wood Badge, it is a BSA Leadership Training course which lasts either two 3-day weekends or a 6-day week. In order to staff a course, you have to go through a course and complete your tickets. The Thursday night before course started, we had a staff dinner and those of us who had not previously staffed, received our 3rd bead. The reality of it is that we actually receive a whole new bead set. So we now have a two-bead necklace representing the completion of our tickets and a three-bead necklace showing we have staffed a course. You can earn a 4-bead set if you become a course director. Right now, I'm happy with just three beads.

The lead up to the weekend was far more work than the actual course work itself. My main duties were taking pictures and putting together the Gilwell Gazette each day. Of course there are always the little print jobs that come up, but nothing major. The second weekend will be in the middle of March and this is when the patrols are much more on their own. I'll still be taking pictures and putting together the Gazette, but will be able to spend some quality nap time as well.


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