Wish I Had a Camera

Yesterday morning we woke up to frost on the lawn. I'm not whining about the cold, we have it nice here in Phoenix most of the time. But this is probably the closest our kids will see to snow without having to travel some distance. So Nick ran outside to check it out. As we watched from the window, we saw him give Ruger the command for paw. Ruger handed him his paw. Nick wanted him to give him both paws, but Ruger wasn't too sure about that. So Nick dropped Ruger's paw and gave him the signal for up. This is basically tapping your shoulders with your hands. Ruger jumped up to place both paws on Nick's shoulders. This works fine with adults and the older boys, however, Ruger outweighs Nick by at least 20 pounds so sure enough Ruger went up and then they both came down. Luckily it was followed by laughter instead of tears, but it was just classic.


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