Week Ending 2/15/09

Life continues to move at a roller-coaster pace. Ups and downs, sometimes speeding by, sometimes I just want to shut my eyes so I don't get sick.

Monday was life as usual. Another start of the week back to school for the boys. Lunches to make, teeth to brush, I get spoiled with Neil home, but do wish he'd find a job. After school, I picked up Aaron. He was supposed to go do his service hours, but the lady didn't answer her door. Apparently she'd gotten caught at her downstairs neighbor and missed seeing us pull up. So I picked up the other two boys from school and we all went to the library. Neil had to teach a merit badge class for a local troop so I got home by 5 so I could make dinner before he had to leave.

Tuesday Aaron had a half-day. Neil took the three boys to school while I got Cierra ready for Joy School. I took her and Rachel with me and Rachel and I stopped at McDonald's for hasbrowns. I picked Cierra up from Joy School and Aaron went to a friend's house for a little while. We had made contact with the neighbor for the service project and arranged for him to go to her house at 1:30. I took Aaron over for his service hours while Neil stayed with the girls and got things ready for his 11-year-old scouts. After dropping Aaron off, I decided to go get some observation time in at the charter school. I went to Nick's room and was well received by the kindergarten class. When school was over, I grabbed the boys and we went to pick Aaron up from his service time.

Wednesday was book club. It was also scout night for the older boys. Daniel watched the little kids. He's good with them. Don't remember much else about Wednesday.

Thursday was Joy School again for Cierra - it was their Valentine's party. Not much exciting going on there. I then went to the dentist to have my permanent crown placed. It still feels a bit weird so I'll have them check it when I go back in next week for some more work. I picked Aaron up from school and took him shopping. He's decided to spend his allowance on a girl. She's a nice girl, but we have to remind him that he is not to be having a girlfriend. Ahh, young love. After he figured out what he wanted to buy, we ran to the school to pick up the boys. I took them all home then left with Daniel to go buy him some new shoes. He was pretty easy to please and we picked up two pair so he can switch between the two without overwearing either of them. We then swung by the grocery store and picked up a few necessities for dinner. It was nice to have a quiet evening at home, especially since my mouth was hurting and I wanted to just sleep.

Friday Neil took Aaron to school and I took the two younger boys so I could stay and help out in Nick's room with their Valentine's day party. They always have half-days on Fridays so I was a bit surprised at how much classwork the teacher was trying to get done. They ended up with only about 10 minutes at the end for their party time. Neil and I had been invited to a birthday party for a friend. I stressed over what to wear and finally decided on black dress pants and a lavender top with silver beads and silver heels. We stayed for a couple of hours but I needed to get home and finish a paper that was due in class that night.

Saturday Neil had a hike with the 11-year-old scouts. Aaron and I tried to get stuff done at the house - general cleanup and I worked on some wood badge stuff. I finally got that finished and Neil took me out for Valentine's Day. We saw a movie and then had dinner at Abuelo's - one of our favorite restaurants. The movie was predictable but cute - could have waited until we could borrow it from the library though. If any of you are thinking of watching "He's Really Not That Into You" I suggest waiting.

Sunday was church. I didn't have to sub in primary and enjoyed a good lesson in Sunday School about faith. The Relief Society lesson was lacking. I love the teacher dearly, but I think she gets so nervous about being up in front of everyone she gets off on tangents without meaning to. We were talking about the sealing keys and I could tell she had really enjoyed the lesson but didn't know how to express her thoughts. She did share a personal story of being sealed to her parents with her 10 siblings and the joy that brought. Having been through a similar situation with the boys last fall, I do know the joy she felt and appreciated her testimony.

Today was President's Day so everyone was home. Sort of. Looking forward to another filled week.


L. Taggart said…
For some reason I thought that Neil had gotten another job already...hmmm, my brain must be overrun again. Sorry. We will start praying for that again. Love ya!

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