Happy Birthday to Rachel

It took me a bit to remember that it was the 3rd of February. Normal routine was get the boys up, get lunches made, rouse the girls, run the boys to school, finish getting the girls dressed and ready for Joy School. Somewhere after the boys were at school and I was putzing in the kitchen did it dawn on me that it was the 3rd and Rachel's birthday. She is 3. If you tell her Happy Birthday, she responds with the same sentiment. But she knows she is 3. So we took Cierra to Joy School and made a trip to the library. When we got home, she picked out what kind of cake she wanted - chocolate. But she was really mostly concerned with making sure she got sprinkles.

After dinner we sang Happy Birthday. She had Aaron blow out the candles, she has a bit of a fear of fire, though we're not sure from where it stems. Then she opened presents. She got a baby doll and coloring book from mom and dad. Daniel gave her a pooch that plays the sax and sings. Grandma Janet sent her a puzzle of Noah's Ark. Then we all ate cake!


L. Taggart said…
Happy Birthday! Cake just isn't a cake without the sprinkles! We definitely agree.

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